About Me

About Me

I started my journey as a dietitian. I have seen individuals with weight issues and various other lifestyle-related diseases. After completing my Bsc.nursing. I have done post Graduation in Clinical Nutrition Then I Started My Internship at Shalby Multispeciality hospital 9 Phase Mohali.

The vision behind this clinic was to guide my mates for a better lifestyle and living. I have a basic philosophy for life to eat well and stay well.


“If you want to HELP others, start it from your own HOME”

This is my core philosophy. Before starting my journey as a professional nutritionist, I wanted to put some efforts to improve the lifestyle of my family and friends. My first clients were none other than my father-in-law and mother-in-law. Both of them were suffering from obesity.

My father-in-law had diabetes and my mother-in-law had cholesterol issues. After six months of a balanced diet plan and a change in lifestyle, I become successful in reversing diabetes of my father-in-law and managing my mother-in-law’s cholesterol. HERE COMES MY FIRST SUCCESS STORY. Both of them now have proper weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
This gave me confidence that I am ready to start my journey as a professional. I believe that DIET ALONE CAN’T DO MIRACLES but our health is affected by our surrounding i.e. air, water, food, etc. I trust that one should go back to basics and try to harness as much energy from the surroundings. As individuals, we are part of nature and evolving with her. But we should keep this evolution in balance. I believe that when you get along nature, nature gives you the right path for healing. Maintaining a diet is just a small part; one should feel the aura around and try to keep it more positive.

I believe in the art of living with food, not without it. As it is said, “ONLY THE FITTEST SURVIVES”, so we have to become fit not only physically, but mentally and spiritually. Our whole existence is based on the delicate balance of these three components. So in this journey of becoming the fittest, I want to become your guiding partner.


  BSc. nursing
  Post-graduation in clinical nutrition
  Intern at Shalby Multispeciality Hospital Mohali as a Clinical Nutritionist
  Worked as a Diet Counselor For 4 Years

For the modern lifestyle, in our busy routine, we do not get enough time for admiration of God’s beautiful creation. So get yourself some “me time”, pamper, and absorb the full potential of this life and live it to the fullest.

My mission is to serve full nutrition and whole foods to your body and soul. So believe in yourself and start your journey with my vision and your will.